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Market had a problem

B2B platforms typically scatter company service information under multiple category pages instead of listing them on a single page, which makes it challenging for users to find all the services offered by the company.

We made it disappear

We gathered data from businesses, authenticated it, and organised it! From now on, no longer scrolls through various category pages, only selecting the best services that any company offers.

Company research made super easy with

Simplified data, represented accurately

There are numerous factors or services that we consider when selecting a business. Users don't have to shift through multiple directory pages or company profiles to find their ideal business partner with our most simplified data representation.

Credible reviews to cross check

Reviews are one of the most important factors we consider before choosing a business partner. Our top priority persists to be authenticating and sharing reviews that accurately reflect the customer experience.

Industry insights for better business decisions

Business decisions must be precise and based on facts. Our industry reports and analysis can assist you in navigating the complex corporate decisions you face on a daily basis.

Company reach

Made super easy with

Share your service focus

Goodtal enables businesses to share their featured services with users, allowing customers to make informed decisions in a single glance.

Highlight your versatile industry work

Companies can highlight the industries they primarily work for. Customers can relate to the company and easily conform to the business partner they want to work with.

Prove your market credibility

Collect and manage reviews from various clients and prove your credibility to our daily website visitors.

Good Trustworthy-Authentic-Leaders

We are primarily focused with ranking companies that are Trustworthy & Authentic by taking a few things into consideration:

Reviews to validate trustworthiness

Our top most priority to rank companies on top positions are the credibility of the reviews their customers provide.

Portfolios to authenticate

Portfolios are proof of any company's experience. While recommending to customers, we tend to research company portfolios.

Market presence to prove reliability

Market presence proves the activeness and professionalism of any organisation. We tend to find active companies that have a good market image and stay up-to-date on trends.

Also we are going to

  • Keep bringing credible companies
  • Improve selection criteria
  • Bring exclusive industry insights

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