10 Must-Have Features of an Education Mobile Application

By Myra Williams
10 Must-Have Features of an Education Mobile Application

Gone are the days when education happened only in classrooms. The school desk is, if not entirely, then partially replaced by on-demand education that technology is ready to offer. Flexible timings and the liberty of being able to study from anywhere have made getting an education even more straightforward and more manageable. With new apps coming into existence daily, they are taking over the education market at 100 miles per hour. An intuitive user interface is good, and so is a 5-star rated product, but when it comes to education, it is much more than that. So here are a few features which should be incorporated into a mobile education app:

1.  High-Value Content

If an app is made which has all the features but not the excellent content, it does not guarantee returning users. Hence, the education app must have units, lessons, and other important segments for the particular stream. Not only high quality, but it should be engaging and understandable as well so that students pursue it with interest. All the pictures and videos that are uploaded on the app should be of high resolution, and any text well-developed and approach the audience. Many apps created by a few of the most trusted mobile app development companies have precisely done that; they provide high-quality text backed by a lot of research. It is a material that can be integrated into any learning platform.

Along with pictures and videos, video content is another valuable type. The video content displays a plethora of information to the student and is the closest thing there is to a face-to-face session with a teacher. Stats consistently show that people engage in video content better than in written text. Add augmented reality experience and students will study even when they don’t want to because it will give real life experiences even with virtual learning. Hence the mixture of everything can make an app worth downloading.

2.  Strong Database

Compiling the database that contains all relevant information connected to the lessons for the students is a part of providing high-value content. It is a logical step to ease the updating process as and when the app needs to be updated, which should be every three months at least. Thus, Moderators can do so with the tip of their fingers, and content that is always up-to-date is sure to keep the students engaged with the app and not uninstall it from the phone. Making an app is easy, and many no-code apps available are DIY accessible. However, to create a good app, it is necessary to bring in experts who know what they are doing. Understanding the kind of interface your audience needs matters as well.  

3.  Intuitive User Interface

Imagine having all the correct information in the world, but unfortunately, it is not put together well. It will make the compilation tedious and stressful to go through. Hence, once you have the content and the database, the next thing you need is a well-designed and organized user interface. Numerous apps have different user interfaces, so you need to talk to real app makers to ensure they know what you need. You can find real people a.k.a mobile app developers here to help you out with having an intuitive user interface for your app. They are skilled enough to enable offline mode for you – if you tell them that your students may not always use the app in the area with a solid internet connection and might have to work their way through the shaky connection. 

4.  One Step Login and Easy Dashboard

The last thing students need is a complicated and confusing login and a dashboard that will make them want to uninstall the app immediately. One-step login and dashboard functionality is a must in a good education app. It saves time so that students can focus on learning. And this also enables users to create their personalized education profile and carry out the learning process. 

5.  Personalized notes

Making the content personalized doesn’t always mean individualizing the education program's content. Instead, enable the student to customize whatever they want and however, they have once they have purchased the app already. They need to enjoy making notes and gathering the material such that it shouldn’t be cumbersome for them.

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Enabling the students to have just the app they want or need will ensure they don't feel stressed studying; instead, they should enjoy it like their favorite activity. Because if that happens, then it will make them more likely to recommend your education program to their peers. 

6.  Interactive sessions

Although interactive sessions with live tutors are often seen as a bonus of some kind because the doubts are solved at that very instant and therefore often omitted from educational apps, they should be seen as an integral part. It might bring additional bonus revenue to the educational institution that published the app in the first place, and students will be eternally grateful to the makers of the app. One doesn't need an explanation precisely as to how valuable live contact between a student and a tutor or teacher is. Still, communication is the key to solving every educational issue that students have. If their concepts are clear, they can move ahead in the correct direction, or else they will be directionless. 

tutors must know how to work with students

7.  Progress tracking

An integral part of an educational app should be tracking the student's progress to date. Rewards are essential, and so are the progress reports. It is an integral part of the individualized approach to education. When your app enables students to take mock tests at their own pace and from the comfort of their homes, it will allow them to use your app's service for a longer time. A few mobile apps are created in a manner that lets you add the features and enables you to customize them as much as you would like, so make sure that the tests feature is present in the app itself. This will help your students and their parents track their progress and adjust their learning pace and materials according to the results.

8.  Social Media Integration

Who doesn't like to show off their results on social media? Everyone posts their progress on social media and lets people know they are doing well. If the students are happy with the progress test results, it is necessary that they can share them online via a post on their own social media accounts. This gives them a chance to boast about their achievements and will provide you with free advertisement among a group of like-minded people. Furthermore, it will also assist you in understanding your students better and in ways such that you can aid them in continuing education better.

9.  Push notifications

Is a new lesson coming up? Or is a new video uploaded? Or put in some important notes? Or even test results have arrived? But how will the students know if you have done it in the middle of the night? Well, with the help of Push Notifications. It will let you communicate with your students directly and will end up in more visits to your app. Now you needn’t worry as to if students will know about the instructions you have given or if you have an announcement to make. They will get notified with the help of this feature.

10. Audience Segmentation

All this interaction that your students have within your app will result in a lot of data that can be assessed. Make sure to fully utilize this new chance you got: use the data to segment your audience and better understand each part. This will enable you to approach them more individually with each upcoming update.

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Wrapping Up:

The education sector is one of the most critical sectors, and the world of online education is lucrative but not easy, to say the least. Make sure that you understand your audience, how every student is an individual in their own regard, and how to approach them the best. Planning an app of this size can be difficult, so make sure you have a professional team aid you in this process. It makes it easier for you and frees up the time that you can better employ to develop the app even further.

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