Goodtal: The Ultimate Research and Review Platform for B2B Companies

By Shaun Williams
Goodtal: The Ultimate Research and Review Platform for B2B Companies

Are you a service seeker looking for the right service provider that will be the ideal choice for you to get services rendered? Or, are you a service provider looking to promote your services on a platform that can help you get the limelight to attract genuine service seekers? Then, Goodtal is the right place for you. 

Goodtal is a well-known and trusted research and review platform for B2B companies. Service providers can get themselves listed on our platform with a few simple steps to make their services known to various service seekers around the globe. Meanwhile, service seekers can find for themselves the right provider from our vast B2B community without much hassle.

A Brief Overview of Goodtal

We at Goodtal strive to be a reliable bridge between B2B service providers and seekers. We want the B2B companies listed with us to thrive by forging for them a platform where they can list their company and the services they offer along with their story. Companies provide us with details and numbers related to their services. These details help us better represent them on our platform and enhance the transparency between the providers and seekers.

Every intricate detail counts, as service seekers seem to choose those service providers often who provide an in-depth portfolio of their services. 

Our platform is specially crafted, keeping in mind the comfort of service seekers. We know how boring the search for the right service provider becomes and how the research part takes a significant amount of time. We are here to make things easier for you by bringing you a platform where every service is not just presented by category. Under every category, we divide service providers based on the technology they use when providing that service. 

For clarity, let’s assume you’re looking for a mobile app development service; then, you can click on browse now section of Goodtal and then go on to click on the mobile app development services link. Once you do that, you’ll be provided with an option to select the technology you want to use for it, for example, Swift, Xamarin, etc. Once you click on it, you’ll be taken to the page with the best mobile app developers who use that particular technology listed. Try it out, and you’ll see the difference between other similar B2B platforms and Goodtal.

                                                     Fig: Goodtal mobile app development service page

A Brief Look Into Our Process

We at Goodtal follow four processes to list a service provider on our website. Let’s take a brief look at each of these processes:


Service providers benefit greatly by listing themselves on a reputed platform like ours. Our platform helps your company improve its chances of getting shortlisted by service seekers being a widely recognized platform used by every kind of service seeker. 


Getting yourself listed in Goodtal can improve your ranks on search engines significantly. Your presence on the internet and search engines can influence your business remarkably. Listing your business on Goodtal can help it get a higher ranking and thus generate more traffic to your website leading to more customers.


Goodtal offers businesses a provision where their clients can share their valuable feedback. Gathering good customer feedback can make a lot of difference when attracting new clients. Goodtal helps you get that by providing a stage where customers can share their feedback which will be visible to all the traffic. 


Every service seeker can trust Goodtal blindly, as we only list the most credible service providers on our platform following a thorough research process that is carried out on each company that applies for a listing. 

Goodtal follows a strict research process where we study every aspect of our clients, ranging from their focus areas and service charges to feedback. Based on these details, we decide on that business’s placement on our platform under various categories. 

Our Motto

Goodtal strives to provide our B2B clients the best we can offer. Ours is an organization where every employee works with their best expertise and full potential to serve the clients and help them succeed in their ventures. We at Goodtal value our clients right to information and hence pledge full transparency when reviewing the service providers listed and giving space to every kind of feedback and review. 

Meanwhile, we also pledge to bring only authentic clients to the companies listed with us.

How Does Goodtal Stay Up-to-Date With Trends?

Goodtal is emerging as one of the top research and review platforms for B2B companies, following the footsteps of our big brother GoodFirms. We keep experimenting with up-and-coming technologies and trying to find ways to implement them in our working process. The employees at Goodtal have access to some of the most high-end technologies at their disposal. 

Our workspace showcases some of the most advanced technologies that help our developers to carry out their tasks more effectively. Most of these technologies help a great deal in reviewing, ranking, and carrying out in-depth research on companies listed with us to evaluate them correctly and award the correct rank they deserve on our service category pages.

Why Do B2B Companies Trust Us?

Goodtal is a subsidiary of Goodirms, one of the top research and review platforms used by B2B companies worldwide. Goodtal was created to make it simpler for service seekers to find their needed services. 

Goodtal is a simplified platform that brings together all the goodness of GoodFirms and our innovative approach to make this platform client-friendly. We serve and respect clients' needs of every scale, whether small, medium, or large businesses. We strive to provide what best suits our client's needs keeping in mind their budget. 

Irrespective of the budget, our algorithm, and team at Goodtal will curate the list of only the best service providers that can efficiently help clients complete their projects within their budget.

We at Goodtal believe that Trust is the stepping stone for every great endeavor and relationship. Hence, we work hard to provide only the best to our clients while respecting their right to privacy and information by creating a transparent ecosystem where they can get authentic information about their service providers at a go. 

What Makes Us Different From Other B2B Platforms?

One of the most striking features of Goodtal that differentiates it from other similar B2B platforms is the user-friendly interface we provide to our clients, be it service providers or a seeker. We created a platform specifically for the services category to create a personalized platform that would make it easier for customers to seek the services they need to render. 

As already mentioned before, we not only segregate service providers based on the type of services they provide under various categories but also based on the technology and frameworks they use. Here’s an example:

At present, there are more than 10000+ companies listed on Goodtal. With more than 5000+ daily website visitors, we stand as one of the best options the companies have to improve their chances of getting genuine clients. 

We have made it quite simple for service seekers to access our platform. They can submit the service information they’re seeking in 3 simple steps. Submit your requirement through our small form, which seeks details like name, project category (the service you wish to seek), budget from our pull-down menu, and phone number. The image below showcases the “Tell us about your project” form every service seeker needs to fill. 

Once you submit the form, our team starts analyzing your needs and curates the list of the best service providers with the best reviews under your budget. And, within 48 hours will share with you the best matches as per your requirement. That sounds like a piece of cake. This simplicity makes us the most user-friendly B2B platform. 

Another striking feature of our unique platform is how we provide company service information. Usually, B2B platforms don’t provide a particular company’s every service info on a single page; they list them individually by placing the company name under multiple categories. 

At Goodtal, we not only list the company under various service categories but also create a company card or, say, a separate page where every detail about the company is provided. From service focus, industry insights, client focus to reviews, and much more, all on a single page.

So, whether you’re a service provider or service seeker, we invite you to visit our website and make a space for your company on our platform to achieve greater heights in your business by attracting genuine clients to your website. 

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