Looking for the Right Service Provider? Goodtal Can Help You Find the Best

By Shaun Williams
Looking for the Right Service Provider? Goodtal Can Help You Find the Best

Finding the best company from the tens of thousands of service providers can be a real challenge for service seekers. It is similar to finding a needle in a haystack. Sounds challenging, right?

Let me tell you this task is indeed challenging but can be turned into a piece of cake and fun by choosing the right path. Goodtal is one such path that can make finding the right service provider easier and faster. 

There are various ways of finding a service provider; one can use GoodTal, a B2B research and review platform. You could do keyword research for relevant service categories; for example, if you are looking for mobile app development companies, search for top mobile app development companies on search engines. You may also get help from professional platforms like Linkedin.

From all of the available options, we can guarantee that Goodtal will be most effective as it will reduce your search time and ensure you get the best service provider matching your budget.

So, let us move forward and learn how Goodtal, a B2B research and review platform, can help you cut your search time and find the best service provider in minutes.

A Brief Overview of Goodtal

Goodtal is one of India's leading B2B research and review platforms, a subsidiary of the top B2B research and review platform GoodFirms. Goodtal is a reliable platform that provides users with a highly informative and detailed list of service providers under various categories. 

Goodtal is a very accessible and user-friendly platform you can access from any device, whether a PC, tablet, or smartphone. Its mobile-friendly and responsive web design makes the platform look uniform or similar on every device, thus making it easier to use and adapt. 

Features that make Goodtal one of the best B2B research and review platforms are discussed in the following topic.

Key Features of Goodtal

To know the perks of using Goodtal, it is crucial to get a good look at its unique features that make it popular amongst service seekers.

Informative and Comprehensive Directory

Goodtal maintains an easily accessible and highly comprehensive directory of service providers. This directory is well-managed and regularly updated to ensure that every good service provider or company gets a spot on the list of top service providers.

The directory has a simple interface that needs no navigational help and is easily accessible to anyone. These highly informative directories contain every key detail a service seeker must know about their potential service provider.

Browse Businesses by Category

Goodtal boasts a wide range of service categories on its platform, from mobile app development, software development, and UI/UX designing to IoT development, blockchain development, and much more. 

On Goodtal, you can filter companies based on the service category you seek. Direct links for various service categories are added to the Browse Now section. You get a list of thousands of companies for the service you desire by clicking on the relevant category.

Browse Businesses by Technologies Used

On Goodtal, you can browse companies or service providers based on their technology or development framework. Assume you are looking for a software development service provider who uses .NET. You can go to the software development category and choose the .NET developer subcategory to find the top .NET developers worldwide.

Here's how you can carry out this operation. First, click the "Browse all services" tab, as shown in the infographic below. 

Once you follow the above infographic and lead to all the services section, click on the software development category. Next, click the .NET tab on the right-hand side, leading to the page with the list of top .NET developers.

This way, you can find the right service provider for you based on the framework they use. This step shortens the vast list of software developers to just .NET developers, helping you find the right .NET developer for your software development needs hassle-free. 

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Get Deeper Company Insights

On Goodtal, you get a complete briefing of the companies we list, which includes all the essential details a client must know about the service provider to evaluate them better. 

We have a separate profile created for every company listed by clicking on which you can get all the information on the company you are looking at. The infographic below will help you navigate your way to access a company profile on Goodtal. 

Some essential information every profile contains are: 

  • Company overview and location with contact information
  • Focus areas: Service focus and client focus
  • Company clients and portfolios 
  • Reviews with important filters to access the recent ones and for selected services 
  • Rating breakdown 
  • Average hourly rates 
  • Company strength and date of establishment 

Provision to Access and Post Reviews

Goodtal provides a provision where all the clients can post detailed reviews and rate various factors for their service provider. Reviews can help service providers showcase their best by providing good services and improving on areas highlighted by clients. 

On the other side, the client reviews garnered by companies can help service seekers analyze the company more accurately. We give clients four factors to rate their service providers aside from the provision to write reviews. These four factors are mentioned in the below infographic. 

Wide Range of Companies and Choices

Goodtal has over 10,000+ companies listed under various service categories in order of their ranking during our evaluation process. Listing these many companies provides clients with ample alternatives to choose from and evaluate to hire the best service provider who fits their expectations and budget.

In-Depth Research

We at Goodtal ensure the platform's credibility and reliability by conducting in-depth research on every company we list here for various service categories. Every company on the platform is listed only once it clears our evaluation parameters. We at Goodtal try our best to evaluate the company we list on the platform in every sphere to ensure its credibility.

What Type of Service Categories Are Listed on Goodtal?

Goodtal lists a wide array of service categories on its platforms. To help both service providers list as many services as possible on the platform and for service providers to find services providers for almost any services sought. Be it common and widely demanded services like software development and mobile app development or new emerging technologies such as blockchain development and Artificial intelligence. 

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Does Goodtal Charge for Its Services?

Anyone can check out Goodtal and some of its prominent features without cost. But for more personalization and better advice on choosing the right service provider from some of the best experts in the market, you can opt for our subscription plans. Goodtal also offers sponsorship plans that service providers can opt for better visibility. For more details on subscription and sponsorship plans, contact us at [email protected].

What Is Our Research Process?

For both of our platforms, GoodFirms and Goodtal, we follow one of the most advanced and stringent research methodologies, which comprises the company performance algorithm. The company performance algorithm is one of the highly advanced evaluation algorithms designed by our research and listing team. 

This robust algorithm evaluates the performance of companies based on two key parameters: Core competencies and 360-performance review. Core competencies analyze companies based on their service focus, i.e., the services on which they stand at par with their competitors and hold expertise. 

Meanwhile, a 360-performance review overlooks all of the company's overall performance parameters, including the market presence, services offered, client reviews, and Goodfirms score. GoodFirms score is given to a company after carefully assessing its achievements and portfolio. This research methodology is robust and highly credible, which helps us ensure that every company/service provider is competent and plausible for a better client experience.

How Can Companies List Themselves on Goodtal?

Applying to get listed on Goodtal in any of the service providers' lists is an easy process where you will be guided at every step when needed. However, your acceptance in the list and ranking in it is subject to your performance in Goodtal's company evaluation and ranking process. 

To get listed first, a service provider must create his profile on GoodFirms. Once created, strengthen your profile by providing crucial and authentic details on your company, such as service highlights, client focus, average pricing, and other information supporting your profile.

To improve your profile/company visibility, add reviews and client portfolios. This step concludes your listing on Goodtal. Once listed, companies can access detailed traffic analysis on their profile to get real-time insight into their performance and critical areas where they need to improve. 

Why Should You Choose Goodtal?

We at Goodtal value client experience the most, whether a service seeker or a service provider. For service providers, Goodtal is an ideal platform that will help them make their services known to a broader audience by taking advantage of Goodtal's 5000+ daily visitors, primarily service seekers. 

We at Goodtal strive to provide our clients with the best in our capacity. We believe customer trust is paramount for every successful business; hence, we try to gain their invaluable trust by promising transparency and authenticity. We at Goodtal do not give a platform for fake reviews and ratings, for which we ensure that only authentic clients post reviews and feedback on the provided. 

Equal protection is ensured for the service providers, too, to ensure that only the authentic leads and potential clients go their way. Thus saving their time from getting wasted on fake prospects and also saving them from getting bad reviews from fake clients willing to tarnish their image. 

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