Frequently Asked Questions

What is Goodtal?

Goodtal is a thriving B2B community with over 10,000 companies listed on the platform to assist entrepreneurs in finding the best business partner. Look for reliable companies in various fields to help you get started on your entrepreneurial path.

How is Goodtal different from other listing platforms?

B2B platforms typically scatter company service information under multiple category pages instead of listing them on a single page. Goodtal focuses on providing users with information such as service focus, industry, client focus, reviews, and other crucial company information in a single company card, on a listing page.

How can my company get listed on the Goodtal?

Companies can get listed on our platform in 4 simple steps:

  • List On GoodFirms
  • Strengthen Your Profile
  • Boost Your Online Visibility
  • Make Informed Decisions
What is GoodFirms?

GoodFirms is a research and review platform that has over 110000+ companies and software, as well as 40000+ reviews, to help you choose the best service providers. GoodFirms also helps IT organisations and software providers improve their reputation, generate qualified leads, increase conversions, and provide better support.

How are Goodtal and GoodFirms related to each other?

Goodtal is a subsidiary company of GoodFirms. Goodtal carves out its own niche in the B2B market with a purpose to reduce company research time and focus on selecting companies that specialise in the needs of your project.

How can I improve my Goodtal ranking?

Ranking on Goodtal can be improved with adding more reviews, keeping profile updated and adding subcategories, industries, client focus, and important business details.

Do you have any sponsorship plans on Goodtal?

Yes, you can get in touch with: [email protected] to know more about sponsorship plans.

Looking for assistance in choosing a company?

We can assist you in swiftly compiling a list of top companies in keeping with your project demands