How Graphic Designers Leverage Tools to Enhance Creativity

By Mia Ron
How Graphic Designers Leverage Tools to Enhance Creativity

Businesses are increasingly dependent on user interfaces and user experiences. Graphic design is a significant element in creating attractive UI and UX. So, businesses are putting a lot of time and effort in graphics design including images, text, visuals, layouts, etc.

If you discuss with the top graphic designers, all of them would agree that it is not enough to just have appealing graphic designs, it is also essential that the design is purposeful. So, let’s have a look at the different purposes graphic design serves for businesses.

Benefits of high grade graphic design

Trends in Graphic Design

Graphic design is a highly creative field and so the trends change more rapidly compared to many other fields. It is essential to understand these trends and adopt the latest to keep up with the competition. Here are the emerging trends in graphic design that you must consider.

AI in Design

I am sure you are tired of reading about leveraging AI in anything and everything! You must have also heard of how generative AI is spoiling the quality of designs. But, this is not how graphics design is leveraging AI. Nor is it supposed to replace the designers! 

AI is helping graphics designers by providing them with innovative tools that make their work easier and more creative. It is making the field more interesting for the designers and the outputs more appealing to the users. AI can be used to make graphic design work easier by avoiding repetition. Its role in providing advanced features and functionalities through tools makes the output better. 

Brand Building

Effective graphics design helps businesses create unique visual identities for their brands to beat the competition. It shapes the brand values to build trust and credibility through visual communication. It aids in providing brand identity through innovation, yet maintaining brand consistency.

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Attractive graphic designs make marketing and advertising content effective enough to engage users and increase conversions. High-quality graphic designs also refine web representation and promote social media presence. A great design presents information in a manner that the result attracts the users and at the same time conveys the message accurately. 

Inclusive Designs

The world is focussing more and more on inclusive designs that represent wide ethnicities, body types, preferences, and abilities. You must design for all types of people, including those with visual impairments. It is better to keep contrasting foregrounds and backgrounds, with comfortable fonts and sizes. There is a lot more to it, and an effective design takes care of all of it! 


These are the times of minimalism! Creativity, with minimalism? Yes, you heard it right! Graphics should have uncluttered layouts, with clarity that soothes the vision of the user. Minimalistic designs are long-lasting on trends and better on the performance of outputs, be it print or app and web. 


Although the use of 3D is not a trend that you haven't heard of ever before, the latest tools and technology are creating magic by delivering amazing 3D outputs including inflatable shapes and metallic textures. 3D graphic design has never been so interesting and easy as it is with the use of the top graphic design tools.

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Data Visualization

High-quality graphic design software and tools provide a variety of visualization options including different types of charts and representation formats. They help customize and refine colors, layouts, fonts, etc. Tools make data visualization easier, more engaging, and more effective, facilitating very appealing graphic designs.   

Tools for Graphic Design 

A variety of tools are available to graphic designers, helping them design better and quicker. However, variety leads to confusion and it is difficult to find the right tools for your project. Moreover, it is not easy to experiment with many tools before choosing one because the process is very time-consuming and costly. It is thus better to refer to a list of the top graphic design tools. So, let’s discuss which are the best tools for graphic design. 

Adobe InDesign

Adobe Indesign is one of the most popular tools among graphic designers who want to create innovative documents and visual communication material.


Figma is a known name among graphic designers. This cloud-based platform can be used by all types of users from beginners to professionals and experts. It offers collaborative real-time designing for team members working from different locations on the same project. Figma offers a rich library of plugins to cater to a wide range of features and functionalities. 

Figma is a preferred option for design prototyping as it allows the creation of interactive prototypes. Such prototypes help discuss the idea with the users to gather their feedback and improve further to build a perfect product.      


Photoshop has been a widely used tool for graphic design for decades now. It needs no introduction as most of us would have heard of it or used it at least once. The features of Photoshop have advanced over the years with changes in market needs. For the same reason, graphic designers can expect a lot of community support while using Photoshop.

Photoshop offers features such as image manipulation, blending modes, effects and filters, etc. The designers who are willing to explore can find advanced techniques and tools. With Photoshop, designers can automate repetitive tasks, create layers, and build complex designs.

Photoshop is vast and comprehensive and there are cons to it. It takes designers significant time to fully master Photoshop. 

Despite the availability of so many software for graphic design, Photoshop still reserves its market share, and most graphic designers opt to learn and master it to use it for their projects. 


The first thing to mention about Sketch is that it is a Mac-based platform for graphic design. Due to this, despite the qualities, it has a specific user base. 

Sketch offers various design options and perks to designers such as fast workflows, real-time collaborative teamwork, creating reusable design elements, version control, etc. 

Sketch comes with a range of plugins that allow designers to manage data visualization, accessibility checks, and comprehensive customization.  

Sketch is excellent for mobile and web design too. It is widely used for building prototypes.  


InVision is widely popular for prototyping as it transforms static mockups into clickable prototypes. It helps build a great user experience as it allows the users to navigate through the prototypes, interact with the elements there, and experience the design flow. InVision helps users to share prototypes with teammates and gather feedback through comments and annotations. 

InVision also allows designers to create their own libraries of reusable components that they can use to maintain uniformity and consistency across the project. 

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is an industry-standard for vector graphic design. It allows the designers to create very appealing visuals. It offers a variety of tools that designers can experiment with to develop something that hasn’t been created ever before. 

Adobe Illustrator allows designers to manipulate shapes, scale, reshape, and combine vectors effortlessly to transform the design to the required sizes or formats. There are a variety of plugins for designers to choose from for advanced tasks such as pattern generation, data visualization, 3D designing, etc. Adobe Illustrator also helps designers streamline their workflows seamlessly.   

Benefits limitations applications of top tools in graphic design

Wrapping Up!

The graphic design industry has seen a huge transformation from just being artistic to heavily innovative and finally even techno-centric. Most of the positives in this transformation are due to the use of high-quality tools and software that have advanced rapidly to match the fast-changing needs of this field that thrives on imagination and innovation. This blog discusses some of these tools that are widely used for creating high-quality graphic designs. But are the tools enough? Can anyone produce the best designs just with these tools? 

In this era of competing to offer the best user experience, businesses are now heavily dependent on the best graphic designers who understand their needs and can transform their ideas into reality. Though the designers have a big list of tools to choose from, you must find such designers who know how to leverage the right tools for your benefit. So, it is advised to go with the best graphic designers who can make the most out of the market trends and help you grow your business to the next level of market leadership. And, you know that you can only find such designers through platforms such as Goodtal. So, wait no further!    

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