Challenges Faced in Hiring the Best Java Developers for Your Project

By Mia Ron
Challenges Faced in Hiring the Best Java Developers for Your Project

Java is one of the most popular languages for software development. Java has been in the market for decades and has evolved over the years. Many businesses prefer application development using Java, owing to its benefits such as Platform Independence, Simplicity, Security, Community Support, and many more.   

Businesses looking for Java Developers still cannot take it easy; there is a wide range of Java Developers in the market. Not all Java Developers can convert your idea into a successful product. Some are capable of developing simple applications but have never worked on complex applications. Moreover, there are no absolute and quick ways of selecting the right Java Developers.

Do you have time and money to try different Java Developers before you select the one matching your project best? Businesses are limited by time and budgets. So, you must prepare for the challenges that you must overcome to hire Java Developers for a successful project.  

Challenges Faced in Hiring Java Developers

Despite the advantages of choosing Java for application development, businesses have to struggle to find suitable developers capable of delivering successful applications. What are the challenges faced in hiring Java Developers? Let’s discuss this in detail. 


When it comes to programming languages, experience has different aspects. 


Your developer must satisfy the criteria of having experience working with Java, the language. Unlike PHP or other scripting languages, Java is vast and has many domains and levels of complexity. However, a developer specializing in Java is expected to have gained experience in different aspects of Java development. 

The infographic here broadly describes the technical areas of Java Development that you would require. However, the areas obviously vary with your project requirements.

Java developer skills

Requirements Familiarity

Familiarity is another crucial aspect of the experience with Java. The complexity of the project requirements changes the hiring requirements completely. Developers with basic experience and knowledge of the language cannot be expected to manage complex Java Development projects unless they develop first-hand experience in handling such projects. They say that practice makes a man perfect! If your project requirements are simple, you need to look for developers having experience with simple projects similar to yours. However, if your project is comprehensive with complex features, you need Java Developers who have developed different types of applications with varied features and functionality. Versatile experience with complex projects enables the developers to take up new challenges, so such developers are generally preferred.   

Specific Areas

Java is multi-faceted and can be used for various development needs. Your business must choose a Java Development partner based on whether you plan to make a web application using Java, you want to use Java for User Interface design, complex Networked or distributed applications, etc. While some Java Developers have experience and expertise in all these, others are domain specific. By all means, you must also look at their past portfolio to understand what type of applications they have developed.

Java applications

Assessing the Quality of Developers

In this era of marketing, it isn't easy to assess the quality of developers. All of them appear promising! While that applies to software and mobile app developers in general, the first thing you should do before hiring a Java Developer for your project is to check for the company’s presence on research and review platforms such as GoodFirms or Goodtal. This will give you easy access to a lot of information about them. 

Check Reviews

We all know the significance of checking reviews in hiring software developers. So, before hiring a Java Developer, do check their reviews by past clients. There are various sources for such reviews, including platforms such as GoodFirms.

Client Testimonials

Do not forget to check the Java Development company’s client testimonials or the feedback posted on their website or social media channels. Successful Java Developers are also generally keen to share their past clients’ testimonials. So if your requirements are complex, you can even ask them to share testimonial videos, etc., or details of their clients whom you can approach for feedback on their services.

Ability to Communicate Well

Projects often fail due to a lack of communication between businesses and their development partners. When you hire Java Developers for your project, ensure you communicate your requirements. Your Java Development partners should be able to comprehend your requirements well. Initially, it might be time-consuming but never rush for development unless you are sure that your requirements are clear to the development partner and you are on the same page. Also, clarify the level of engagement required between you and the developers at different project stages. 

Open for Seeking Support

No matter how capable or experienced a developer is, he gets stuck with some piece of code sometimes. The best way to resolve complex code issues is to get help from expert developers keen to experiment and take up new challenges. So, most smart developers keep themselves connected to the vast Java developers community. They discuss their achievements and failures and seek support whenever required. Make sure that you and your development partners are also open to seeking Java Development community support. At times, it is also feasible to discuss your problem with expert developers across the world, and they might be able to rescue your project from a critical stage.

Post Deployment Issues

The biggest point of miscommunication between developers and businesses seeking their services is regarding post-deployment support, upgrades, and maintenance. So, businesses must discuss and ascertain that the developers are open to all these options. Most developers include support, maintenance, or upgrades in their offer and even provide you with different options or plans regarding the same. Moreover, by all means, you must go for a development partner that is available when required.     


The toughest constraint for businesses looking for Java Developers is time. Sometimes you have tough deadlines anyway, difficult to achieve. To prevent any future complications, you must communicate and convey your deadline with your project requirements clearly to the developers you are considering. Only if the development partners are sure that they can deliver to your deadlines and set of requirements should you continue further with them.  

Budget Constraints

Every business wants the best developers for their projects. However, quality comes with its costs! We all have our budgets which we cannot ignore, and it may not always be possible for you to go with the preferred option due to cost constraints. Some businesses avoid communicating their budget constraints to the developers, which becomes a problem later. Costs of software development vary with project requirements. So, discussing the budget with your development partner before starting the project is necessary. However, it is in the interest of every business to make the budget reasonably after researching the cost of software development for your type of project. It is also feasible to accommodate if the development partner appears promising but expects you to increase the budget slightly for the best quality results. Flexibility is the key to a successful product!   


The challenges in Java development increase with an increase in project requirement complexity. But, to be successful in the market, you must take up the challenge and develop your idea. If you are doubtful about how to find the perfect Java Developers, Goodtal lists the top Java Developers to make your search easy.

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