Goodtal’s terms & conditions

Goodtal has updated its terms & conditions, which will be effective from the date 01 January 2022. New terms & conditions are mentioned below.

Goodtals mission is to help you in finding the best talent for your needs. To achieve this, Goodtal provides a catalog of the best service companies with top talent, who can work as an extended team for you. These service companies handle all aspects of recruiting, training and replacement, allowing you to focus on your business.

Before using Goodtals services, Please read the Terms & Conditions carefully. It is a legal contract about your use of Goodtals website and services. By using Goodtals website, services, registering on the website, responding to a survey, submitting an email, or participating in a telephonic interview, you, your heirs, and assigns agree to be bound by “Terms & Conditions.”

If you are entering into these “Terms & Conditions” on behalf of a company or any other legal entity, you accept that you have the authority to bind such entity to the “Terms & Conditions.” In that case, the term “you” or “your” shall also refer to such entity and affiliates, as applicable. In case you do not agree with all “Terms & Conditions” or you do not have such authority, do not use Goodtal’s services or provide any information.

Ensure that you return to this page periodically to read the most recent “Terms & Conditions.” Goodtal reserves the right at any time, at our sole discretion, to modify the “Terms & Conditions” without prior notice, and your continued use of services indicates your acceptance of modified “Terms & Conditions.”

We retain the right to stop access to our services to anyone at any time and for any reason, including violation of “Terms & Conditions” or any other reason.

Eligibility for Use of Service

You should be at least 18 years of age to use the Services, including registering for the account, using the website, submitting reviews, or other User Content.

Account Registration

As part of use of services, you may have the opportunity to create a Goodtals account. You will be responsible for your account and agree to provide, during registration and at all times maintain accurate, latest, and complete information. Goodtal reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to refuse to keep your account or provide services to every individual. We reserve the right, to suspend or terminate any account if any information provided during registration or at any point in time proves to be wrong, incomplete, or not current. It will be your responsibility to maintain the confidentiality & security of your account information, including username and password. You will immediately inform us about any unauthorized use of your account. Goodtal cannot be and will not be liable for any loss arising from failure to adhere to this section.

Your Use of Services

For using our services, you agree to do the following:

  • Comply with all laws and regulations
  • Provide accurate information & update it whenever required
  • Review & comply with all notices sent by Goodtal regarding the services

User Content

Responsibility for your Content

Goodtal services may enable you to submit, provide, upload, or make available via the website, telephone, email, or otherwise; Content such as reviews, messages, comments, or any other, that may or may not be viewable by other users.

You accept that you are solely responsible for the Content you submit, and once the Content is submitted, it cannot be withdrawn. Any content submitted should be accurate and up-to-date. You should ensure that you have the right to use or submit that Content without violating any third-party rights. You also assume the risk for any user content you submit.

Goodtal reserves the right, in sole discretion, to reject, remove, and edit any User Content, contributed to the services. We do not have any obligation to retain or provide you with copies of User Content.

You accept risk in Using User Content

You acknowledge that Goodtal does not verify or sanction User Content, and you should bear all risks associated with the use of or reliance on User Content. Reference to any other products/services by trade name or trademark does not mean endorsement or recommendation by Goodtal. Rankings and User Content are based on opinions of third parties and may be inaccurate. You accept that by using the services, you may be exposed to offensive or objectionable Content.

Periodically, Goodtal may give incentives to users to submit reviews. Such incentives are not based on whether the review is positive or negative.

Goodtal has no obligation to enforce the Terms on your behalf. You may notify us if you find another user has violated “Terms & Conditions.” However, Goodtal reserves the right to investigate and enforce the Terms.

Goodtal’s License to User Content

When Content is submitted on or via the use of the Services, you grant us a worldwide, irrevocable, royalty-free license to use the User Content for any purpose in whole or in part in any existing medium or a new one. Goodtal is not liable to provide any notice or compensation to either you or any third party.

Goodtal and its licensees may publicly showcase advertisements and other information alongside or with User Content. You are not entitled to any compensation for such advertisements. The mode & extent of such advertising may change without any notice to you.


All of your feedback about the services, including corrections and updates, will be the property of Goodtal and you hereby assign any rights in this feedback to Goodtal, without payment to you.

Prohibited Activities

In using the Services, you accept you will not, neither will you assist or encourage to:

    Transmit, email, or otherwise make available or initiate any content that:

  • Is illegal or objectionable
  • Includes matter that you do not have the right to disclose or make available under any law, contractual, or trust relationships
  • Infringes upon patents, trademarks, or copyrights
  • Includes unsolicited/unauthorized advertising, junk mail, spam, or chain letters
  • Contains software viruses that can harm any computer hardware or software, telecom equipment of Goodtal, or any user of Goodtal
  • Duplicate, sublicense, rebrand, or transmit information found on Goodtal(excluding User Content submitted by you) except those permitted in these terms or authorized by Goodtal
  • Modify or altogether remove any trademark or copyright material that appears on the Service
  • Reverse engineer or unassemble, decipher or otherwise try to derive the source code for Services or Intellectual Property used to provide the services
  • Make use of or copy information, data, or Content that you obtain from Goodtal to provide any service which is competitive in Goodtal’s sole discretion.
  • Collect, copy or transfer any information, including but not limited to personal information obtained from Goodtal, except when permitted in “Terms & Conditions” or if allowed by the owner
  • Record or process information about other users
  • Use software, devices, robots, or other means to access, crawl or index any web pages or any other portion of services
  • Engage in mirroring or simulating the appearance or functions of Goodtals services or Content, unless permitted by Goodtal
  • Attempt to override or overriding any security component of Goodtal
  • Attempt to gain unauthorized access to Goodtal’s services, user accounts, or networks
  • Take any action which directly or indirectly affects the working of Goodtal’s infrastructure
  • Post reviews on services/products offered by your current employer or by direct competitors of your current employer and o any other products/services having a conflict ofnterest with you
  • Threaten, harass or harm others or log in using an alias

Ownership & Intellectual Property

As between you and Goodtal, you own the User Content you submit. Goodtal owns all content other than User Content, including graphics, design, code, features, reviews, ratings, and all other components of the Services.

The services are protected by trademark, copyright, and other laws of the USA and foreign countries. Except as expressly mentioned in this “Terms & Conditions,” Goodtal and its licensors exclusively own all rights and interests in to the Services, including all associated intellectual property rights.

You will not modify or remove any trademark, or other proprietary rights notices incorporated in or accompanying the Services. All trademarks, logos, trade names, and any other proprietary designations of Goodtal used herein are trademarks or registered trademarks of Goodtal and should not be copied, imitated, or used in whole or in parts, without the prior written permission of Goodtal. All other product names, logos, and trademarks mentioned in the Services are the property of their respective owners.

Copyright Policy

Goodtal respects the intellectual property rights of others and expects users of the services to do so. Goodtal will respond to notices for alleged copyright infringement that are provided to us as per law.

If you believe that User Content has been copied in a manner that violates copyright laws, please provide our copyright agent with the following information in accordance with Digital Millennium Copyright Act:

  • 1. Physical or electronic signature of copyright owner or person authorized to act on their behalf
  • 2. Identification of the copyrighted work that has been infringed
  • 3. Identification of the material that has violated copyrights and that has to be removed or access to which has to be disabled
  • 4. Provide enough information to permit us to locate the material
  • 5. Your Contact information, including address, contact number, and email addres
  • 6. A statement by you stating in good faith that the way the material has been used is not authorized by copyright laws
  • 7. A statement saying information in the notification is accurate and under penalty of perjury, and you are authorized to act on behalf of the copyright owner.

Our designated copyright agent for legal notices regarding User Content or copyright infringement notices is:

Address: 205 E Harmon Ave, apt 904, Las Vegas, NV - 89169, United States Email: [email protected]

Please be informed that we will send a copy of your notice to the person who allegedly provided the illegal Content, and a link to your published notice may be put on Goodtal in place of the removed Content.

Goodtal reserves the right to remove User Content which is illegal or infringes copyright laws, without prior notice at our sole discretion. In case of repeat infringement, the user’s account will be terminated.


Sponsorships allow firms to further promote their profile on Goodtal by becoming a sponsor, as set forth here (“Sponsorship”). When users visit a review page, the default list is to place sponsors, marked with a flag, first in the list. Firms may be required to furnish certain requirements, depending on the Sponsorship they wish to purchase. Sponsorship does not affect a company’s ranking Goodtal or position on leaders matrices, nor does it guarantee any amount of traffic, business, leads, or otherwise. Sponsorship affects where a sponsor appears in a list of firms and receipt of Goodtal support services.


If a firm purchases a Sponsorship or any other services that we offer for a fee, either one-time or on a subscription basis, you agree to pay application fees fixed at that point of time of purchase as they become due, plus all related taxes, and to reimburse us for all collection costs and interest for any amount overdue.

By purchasing a subscription sponsorship or any other subscription, you agree that Goodtal or any payment agents of ours are authorized to charge a recurring subscription fee on a monthly basis as outlined in the Invoice as well as any other charges for the use of services, including taxes for the payment method.

The subscription fee will be charged at the beginning of your subscription and each month after that, till you cancel your subscription or your payment method fails, expires. In case you want to use a different payment method or if there is a change in payment amount, please contact us at [email protected] to update your billing information.

If the payment method used by you, such as a credit card, reaches its expiration date and you do not edit your details or cancel your subscription, you authorize Goodtal to continue billing that payment method and you are responsible for any uncollected amounts. In case of failure to pay in a timely manner may result in termination of your subscription and/or application of late payment fees.

Your obligation to pay fees continues until you cancel your subscription or the end of the subscription period. All applicable taxes are based on the billing information provided by you at the time of purchase. You can cancel or suspend your Sponsorship at any time by contacting Goodtal at [email protected]

Goodtal reserves the right to restrict access, terminate or suspend your subscription at any time without prior notification or liability, with or without cause including (without limitation) due to: (1) breach of Terms (2) failure to pay applicable fees


As permissible under applicable law, we provide services and all information present there “as is” and “as available” basis with all mistakes, without any warranty and to be used at your own risk.

goodtal takes no responsibility with any third-party activities, such as company reviews on the services. goodtal does not endorse any firm, service or vendor mentioned in the services and does not advise users to select any particular firm on the basis of its reviews or ratings. reviews on the services consist of opinions of reviewers and should not be considered as facts. we do not provide any warranties, expressed or implied, with respect to services or the suitability of a particular product. the services may include inaccuracies or errors. goodtal does not endorse or recommend any product or services mentioned.

if you are dissatisfied or harmed by goodtal or anything related to goodtal, you may close your account, stop making use of its services, and terminate the “terms & conditions. " goodtal does not guarantee that services will work uninterrupted. goodtal will not be responsible for any damage caused due to interruptions or errors. further, goodtal disclaims all liability for malfunctioning, internet service providers related issues or saturation of the internet network.

if applicable law entails any warranties with respect to services, they are limited to a period of ninety(90) days from the date of first use.

Limitation of Liability

As much as permitted by law, in no event shall Goodtal be liable to you or any third party for any damage, losses, loss of goodwill, computer malfunction, or any indirect damages arising from or relating to terms or your use of, or inability to use, the services.

As much as permitted by law, notwithstanding anything opposed to mentioned here, goodtals liability for any damages to you, arising from or because of these terms(for any cause or action) will be limited to amount paid by you for availing the services. in case of more than one claim, this limit will not be enlarged. some jurisdictions do not allow for exclusion or limitation of liability for such damages, so the above exclusion or limitation may not apply to you.


You agree to indemnify, protect and hold Goodtal harmless from and against all third-party claims, demands and settlements(including but not limited to, reasonable attorneys fees and costs) relating to or due to (1) Your failure to comply with these Terms, including, User Content submission (2) Your use of any Services or Activity which you engage via or on Goodtal.

Choice of Law and Compulsory Binding Arbitration

Any dispute or claims, arising out of or related to “Terms & Conditions” shall be governed by laws of United States notwithstanding your Country Of Origin or from where you access Goodtal’s services. Any conflicts of law principles and United Nations Convention for International Sale of Goods will not be considered. You and Goodtal agree that all claims or disputes relating to “Terms & Conditions” must be resolved exclusively by the federal court located in United States, except when otherwise agreed by both the parties.

Except when prohibited by law, any dispute related to these Terms shall be resolved in Washington D.C., as per Arbitration rules. The award by the arbitrator(s) may be entered in any court having jurisdiction thereof. Nothing in arbitration can prevent either party from filing charges with state or federal agencies. You agree that such arbitration will be on individual basis only and not a collective or representative basis. You do not have any right to bring class-wide or representative claims before any arbitrator or in any forum.

you accept that by agreeing to arbitrate disputes, you waive any right you may have for a jury trial.

The arbitration provision does not mean that the right of either party to seek equitable relief, like attachment or injunction, via judicial process.

Except as when mentioned otherwise in this Agreement, all notices, approvals, and permissions in writing shall be deemed to be given upon:

  • 1. Personal Delivery
  • 2. Second business day after mailing
  • 3. Second business day after sending by confirmed facsimile,
  • 4. First business day after sending by an email (provided email shall not be sufficient for notices of termination or indemnification claim)

The system Administrator designated by you for your relative services account will receive the notices and, in case of billing-related notices, will be addressed to the contact designated by you.

Links to Third-Party Sites

Goodtal has links to third-party websites and you are responsible for judging whether to access or use a third-party website. Goodtal does not endorse or is responsible for Content, materials, products, or services on third-party websites. You use third-party websites at your own risk and “as is” basis. Goodtal is not responsible for any damages, caused directly or indirectly, due to the use of or reliance on any linked websites. The third-party websites may have their own Terms of Service to which you may have to follow.


Entire Agreement & Severability

You agree that these “Terms & Conditions” are a complete or exclusive agreement between you and Goodtal regarding the services and supersedes all prior agreements, whether in writing or oral and established by policy or practice, with respect to the subject matter of these Terms & Conditions.

If any provisions of these “Terms & Conditions” are found by a court of competent jurisdiction or arbitrator to be illegal or unforceable, these provisions will be modified to enforce them to the maximum possible extent. If any provision is found to be void or illegal, the legality and enforceability of the remaining provisions of “Terms & Conditions” will not be affected in any manner.

Waiver of Rights and Injunction

Goodtal’s failure to act with respect to any violation of any Terms does not waive our right to act with subsequent breaches.

Except when expressly and specifically mentioned in Terms, no statements or waivers will be legally binding unless documented in writing and hand signed by the appointed officer of Goodtal.

In no case, you will be entitled to injunctive relief or to restrain the operation of Service, exploitation of any advertising or any other material which is part of the services.

Assignment of Rights

You may not delegate any rights or obligations under the “Terms & Conditions.” Any such assignment, delegation will be ineffective. Goodtal may assign such rights fully or partially without notice to you. We may also substitute by unilateral novation, Goodtal for any third-party, effective upon notice to you, that assumes our rights & obligations.

Service Help

For any queries or feedback, you can get in touch with us at:

205 E Harmon Ave, apt 904, Las Vegas, NV - 89169, United States
Email Address: [email protected]

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