CMS 101: All You Need to Know

By Shaun Williams
CMS 101: All You Need to Know

Websites have become an essential business tool and an important source of information these days. Today every business, be it big or small, either already has a dedicated live website or is planning to get one of its own with the help of the top web developers

Websites have become necessary for businesses to survive in the growing competition. Websites can significantly help businesses improve their online visibility and audience outreach. Also, those businesses striving to improve their customer experience by streamlining their service accessibility can benefit greatly from a dedicated website. 

With growing competition, although for a website to succeed is tougher, website development has become much easier than ever before. In this post, we will discuss a technology that helps web developers build and launch websites and manage website content more easily. We will talk about web development using CMS, one of the most popular website development services among developers. 

So, let's move forward and learn more about CMS.

What is CMS?

A content management system, aka CMS, is a service that allows its users to write, edit and manage digital content or applications. CMS can be used to build a website from scratch in minimal time. It is an all-in-one place workstation for web developers where they can build and manage a website with any tool they might need all in one place.

A CMS consists of two subparts; CMA and CDA. CMA stands for content management application. It is part of the CMS service that acts as the front-end or, say, the user interface of CMS and allows one to create, modify, store, and access the website's digital content.

Meanwhile, CDA stands for content delivery application, and it provides back-end services to the users responsible for content compilation and for delivering updates to the website.

The CMS services market is booming owing to its many benefits in easing web development. According to Statista, the content management system market is anticipated to reach 18.91 billion USD by 2022. It was also estimated that most of this revenue would be generated in the US, amounting to 9.457 billion USD in 2022.

Role of CMS in Web development

From the previous discussion we got a brief overview of what exactly CMS services are, so let's move on and look at their role in web development.

#1 Eases Web Development

CMS services make web development much easier by allowing web developers to create a brand new website hassle-free by providing them with all the services they might need in one platform. The best part about CMS is that it has negligible and, in many cases, no coding requirements. 

CMS's no coding requirement feature makes its services more accessible to a larger public. Moreover, the user interface of CMS makes developing a website from scratch much easier for the public. 

#2 Allows Seamless Collaboration 

By investing in website development using CMS your business opens the room for real-time collaborations where every department of your organization can work together in synchronization. Be it the content writing, digital marketing, web designers, or web development team, everyone can work together and share updates in real-time using CMS. 

Collaboration is an essential ingredient of any project; the same goes for handling a website. From digital marketing and web designing to web development, if every team works in sync better results, and goals can be achieved. 

#3 Unique Predesigned Templates 

Many CMS services provide predesigned templates to quicken the web development process. These predesigned templates can be further personalized based on the business website's requirements. This saves a lot of time for web developers building a website on a limited budget. 

These predesigned come in both responsible and non-responsive formats. To make a website that functions the same on every platform or device it is being browsed in, you need to choose a responsive template. 

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#4 Provides a Range of Extensions

Every CMS service comes with a library of extensions and APIs that can help you create a website with rich features in minimal time. Building a feature requires quite a labor and budget, which ends up consuming too much time. 

More the number of features you wish to create longer will be the time for web development and the budget. But with the wide range of extensions and APIs that CMS provides, web developers can create a website with all the features they want in comparatively less time and budget. 

#5 Build a Website in Minimal Time

After going through all the points mentioned above, it is clear that websites using CMS can be developed and deployed in record time. There are a variety of ways that these services can help you get a live website in minimal time, which includes its ease of use. 

Most of the available CMS have a straightforward and user-friendly interface that allows the web developers and other parts of the web development team to learn and use it quickly. Another method we already discussed to reduce the development time is using predesigned templates that can be customized to provide a unique look and feel to the website. 

Similar to predesigned templates, CMS provide a range of extensions and APIs that help create a feature-rich website in minimal time. 

Top Content Management Systems

Let's look at some popular content management systems used by web development companies and developers around the world.


WordPress is one of the most popular CMS used by web developers around the globe for more than two decades. WordPress achieved a significant milestone of 42% of all the live websites powered by its CSM. This milestone shows how popular WordPress is among businesses and web developers. 

WordPress is a free, open-source CMS written in PHP and supported by a MySQL database. It offers more than 50,000+ plugins and themes that can help web developers build a unique and interactive website in minimal time. 

Although WordPress is free-to-use, it offers some premium features and services in four packages at affordable rates. Using WordPress you can build a website of a wide range and genres, such as blogging, eCommerce, business, e-learning, and many more. 

WordPress is easy to use and learn; hence anyone can learn it quickly. Its CMS provides strong security for every website developed using it, with features such as DDOS mitigation and firewall protection. Moreover, with features such as real-time activity logs, any changes are registered and can be witnessed by anyone at any time, thus boosting transparency in the work environment.

WordPress is reliable for everyone, whether web development service providers or individual developers. With features like real-time backup, the slightest change you make gets registered in real-time so that you don't have to worry about whether your changes are saved during unwanted power cuts or any such phenomenon. 

You can choose from Goodtal's list of top WordPress developers to get a robust and unique website built on WordPress.  


Joomla is another popular CMS and similar to WordPress is free and open source. Joomla stood as the second most popular CMS service after WordPress in Hungary, according to Statista. You can easily find the best Joomla developers based on your budget these days, owing to the growing popularity of this CMS.

There are more than 2.5+ million active websites built using Joomla. 

Joomla provides over 6,500 extensions for web developers to build websites with unique features and interfaces in minimal time. Like WordPress, Joomla provides web developers and designers with high-quality templates for their website layouts. 

Businesses can get websites of any genre built in any language they like using Joomla services that allow development of language-specific websites. With Joomla, scaling your website and the business becomes much more manageable.

Joomla boasts various customized features that allow you to get a website build that excels in every aspect. For example, Joomla4SEO allows you to create content without worrying about search engine optimization, as Joomla does it for you with built-in SEO for every page feature.

Similar to Joomla4SEO, Joomla provides features such as Joomla4Emails, Joomla4Speed, Joomla4Design, Joomla4Childtemplates, etc., that help you get robust and unique websites to build in minimal time. 



Drupal, similar to WordPress and Joomla, is a free and open-source CMS written in PHP, popular among web developers worldwide. Owing to its worldwide popularity Drupal has a community of more than 1 million developers that help businesses get unique websites developed and deployed on a lesser budget. 

You can choose from Goodtal's list of top Drupal developers to get beautiful and interactive websites built by the best developers in the market. 

Whether you are building a website for healthcare, e-learning, fintech, or eCommerce, you can get them to build cost-effectively using Drupal services. With the advanced security of Drupal CMS, you can build safe and secure websites, especially for fintech and other confidential matters. Drupal's security features ensure tough protection against attacks like DoS (Denial of Service) and malicious data entry. 

Drupal helps businesses to develop websites that cover 100% of the audience. Its CMS can make your website screen-reader-friendly by helping you structure your metadata that is easily readable by screen readers.

Drupal is highly reliable when it comes to marketing automation. Using Drupal's wide range of modules and tools, you can automate most marketing tasks that can help you improve your lead conversion rate. 


Wrapping Up 

Today having an online presence is very important for businesses to survive in this competitive world. And websites are the best and most effective means for businesses to leave their mark on their audience and their respective industries. CMS is one of the best ways for businesses to build their websites in minimal time and budget.

We discussed content management systems (CMS), their features, and how they can help web developers build unique and interactive websites in minimal time and costs. We also discussed some of the best-performing CMS around the world, namely WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla. CMS is proving to be an effective solution for businesses and web developers around the world for building robust websites. 


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